Why Choose Kleen Sweep?

Find out why we're the best choice for your Crystal Springs, MS property

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your workspace does wonders for the health and wellbeing of your employees and the reputation of your business. If you're in need of a professional cleaning service you can trust to maintain the high standards of your business, Kleen Sweep Commercial Cleaning LLC in Crystal Springs, MS is the service for you if you're in the Jackson, MS area. We offer a personalized touch to fit the needs and expectations of your business and bundle packages to give you the exact services you need at a great value.

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We double check our work

Our goal is to leave your space much cleaner than we found it and to make sure you're satisfied with the work we do. We use a detailed system of checks and balances in which every employee is held accountable for completing their assigned tasks. This system involves:

  • Job completion forms
  • Post-cleanup inspection forms
  • Team and zone cleaning methods
  • Customer satisfaction forms
  • Use of industry training materials to ensure competency of associates

Get access to exceptional cleaning services by choosing Kleen Sweep Commercial Cleaning LLC today!